Landscape Design & Consultation

It is incredibly important to understand the energy of the property, style of the home and our client’s personal style.  We provide master landscape plans encompassing your entire property, or we can focus on a specific area such as the Front Yard, Backyard, or Side yard.

For our master landscape plans we conduct several site visits during different times of day to track the sun, wind, and experience the properties energy. After the preliminary site work, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the overall goals and desire for the space.  Through the collaborative process we will deliver a comprehensive master landscape design plan.

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The Creative Workflow often follows this path

  • Meeting 1 - Create Design Draft A

    Are we on the right path? Captured the correct vibe?

  • Meeting 2 - Create Design Draft B

    Review designs & adjust if necessary.

  • Deliver Final Designs

    Designs include plant & material indexes.

Not ready for a full-blown master landscape plan?

That’s cool. We work with clients all the time in need of direction, but not ready for a comprehensive plan. They have no idea of where to begin, what they want or what is even possible on their property. Our consultative services feature designs and quick sketches (not to scale) for the areas of focus. We will work with you to answer your questions, concerns and when finished you will have a landscape design road map. This is a great fit for clients on a limited budget, DIY’ers or those not ready to pull the trigger on a master landscape plan.

Dream It

Design It

Build It